Fast Pins II
Production-worthy Personal IC Test System
768 I/O Pins, 250 MHz

Fast Pins I integrated w / LMO

General Description

FAST II AC Functional

  • 768 I/O pins, up to 250 MHz vector rate
  • Across-cycle timing
  • 1Gig pattern depth
  • Quad 192 I/O parallel test or dual 384
  • 48 500 MHz pins
  • 48 Differential I/O pairs. For example, 72-bit DDR3 DIMM requires 9 DQS strobe I/O pairs and 3 differential clocks
  • 1.1Gpbs Pin Electronics

  • High speed: 1.1Gbps at 1VP-P
  • Extremely low power dissipation: 1.2W/channel (active load disabled)
  • Wide voltage range: 0V to 5.72V AC Driver
  • Wide voltage swing range: 50mVP-P to 13VP-P
  • Low-leak mode: 10nA max
  • Integrated termination-on-the-fly (3rd-level drive)
  • Integrated level-setting CALDACs
  • Programmable cable-droop compensation for both driver output and Comparator Input
  • Programmable Driver Output Impedance
  • Four Slew-rate settings for driver output
  • Analog Measure Bus
  • Very low timing dispersion
  • Integrated VHH high voltage (4th-level drive)
  • Integrated voltage clamps
  • Integrated 20mA active load
  • Integrated Per-pin PMU

User-selectable ASIC I/O pin levels:

All 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V 1.2V, 1V single-ended and differential standards programmable terminations

Timing Generators

  • Gbps Pin DCL (Driver / Comparator / Load)
  • Drive Data
  • DUT Clock / Klunk
  • DUT Receiver Strobe
  • Dynamically retriggerable ±1 cycle from current cycle; 13pS resolution

AC Parametrics

  • 10ps resolution, 100ps Driver/Comparator edge placement accuracy
  • AC Parametric test times ex. 100 pin DUT w/ 25,000 vectors containing 4,000 transitions- 4 sec total to measure and datalog to a file. Time search algorithm averages 11 iterations to acquire an edge to 10ps res

DC Parametrics

  • The PMU forces and measures voltages from -1.5V to 6.5V, and currents up to ±50mA. The lowest full-scale current range is ±2μA with less than 100nA accuracy.
  • DC Parametric test time: 1000 measurements/sec

Available PMU modes:

  • 16-bit resolution, 1/4LBS max linearity error- calibrated to NIST-traceable 5½ digit DVM
  • 100nA measurement accuracy
  • force-voltage/measure voltage (FVMV)
  • force-voltage/measure current (FVMI)
  • force-current/measure current (FIMI)
  • force-current/measure voltage (FIMV)
  • force-nothing/measure voltage (FNMV)
  • force-nothing/measure nothing (FNMN)
  • Programmable clamps:
    • V-Clamp in I-Force/V-Measure mode
    • I-Clamp in V-Force/I-Measure mode
    • DUT Ground Remote Sense

Programmable DUT User Power Supplies—High Amperage HAPS

  • 12 independently programmed and sequenced DPS
  • -.6V to 6.5V
  • 24-bit dynamic range current measurement
  • Four 8A HAPS (high amperage power supply)
  • Eight 2A power supplies

High-speed Serial

  • 2.5Gps PCIe lane and reference clocks delivered to the DUT card
  • 6, 9, and 28 in development